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LawNigeria.com was conceived as Nigeria's first multi-segment free access clearing for legal, policy, business and government standards and intelligence. Information in 2009 by justice sector entrepreneur, Sam Eleanya. The main objective of LawNigeria.com is to foster networks of relationships between stakeholders of Nigeria's business, civic, policy space with the national's justice sector/legal industry professionals by making law, policy government and related information easily and freely accessible. 

First designed and launched in basic format in 2013, LawNigeria.com has within the span of four years become the most resourced and visited Nigerian law and standards online clearing house. It is easily Nigeria's most trafficked legal site for legal industry professionals, researchers, business strategists, students, citizens and curious legal information enthusiasts. Today, LawNigeria.com is one of Africa's largest non-subscription-based legal information site containing tens of thousands of edited content, legislation, key profiles, indexes, intelligence and legal/business support offerings. Instructively, it offers Nigeria's first ever free access to judgments of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal under over 40 Areas of Practice. 

LawNigeria.com is designed to be multi-segmented and cross-linked so as to promote diversification, specialization and at the same time, synergy and networking. Its designs recognizes the growth phase of the Nigerian legal industry as well as the future it needs to have to serve the people of Nigeria and Africa effectively. It covers to varying degrees, key contents relating to each of Nigeria's main key justice sector segments, 36 States and the Federation, 774 Local governments, the International law realm, and legal practitioners/researchers in the diaspora. Its major segments include the Nigerian Constitution Hub which provide access to past and current Nigerian constitutional instruments; Center for Laws of the Federation; Center for State Laws; Center for Judgments of Nigerian Courts; Center for Court Rules; Law Firms & Legal Services Center; Standards & Enterprise Development Center; Law Education Center and Law Publishing Center. The Directory of Law Firms in the Law Firms & Legal Services Centers provides the most robust listing of legal services providers under State, Areas of Practice and Local government levels. 

There is an also an ever expanding cache of legal and policy articles, thousands of pages of legislative statutes pages, information on 150 legal networks, law schools across all the states and the Federal Capital, both private and public, employment listings, videos, legal events and links to governments and agencies worldwide. 


The parent umbrella body behind LawNigeria.com is the Tree & Trees JusticeMedia Group made up of Tree & Trees JusticeMedia Limited, Tree & Trees Enterprises, and Tree & Trees Advocates.

Tree & Trees JusticeMedia Limited- This is a special purpose vehicle devoted to the development and operation of specialized justice sector resources, platforms, networks and policy communications. It manages all law related platforms of the JusticeMedia Group with a view towards scaling their impact sustainably using social enterprise models. The organization also provides consultancy in the area of legal and business intelligence, regulatory compliance, policy development, legislative drafting, policy development and communications, and strategic media positioning services for players in the policy and 

Tree & Trees Advocates is the in-house legal advocacy and support group. Apart from its wide-ranging legal research and intelligence development focus, it is also dedicated to such policy rich law practice areas like education and law; healthcare and law; religion and law; food and agriculture and law; transportation and logistics, children and women law and general commercial law practice.

Tree & Trees Enterprises  is the idea and concept development and management arm of the Group as well as its enterprise incubation center. Core areas of interest for this platform include law and technology, food and agriculture, transportation and logistics, media and government/policy/government communications.

Constitution Hub  is a platform dedicated to support of constitutional knowledge, constitutionalism, human rights and civics education in Nigeria. Among others, its focus is on the collation and development of statutes, printed and electronic intelligence relating to the Nigerian Constitution for both legal and non-legal demographics of the country. It is behind the groundbreaking translation of the 1999 Constitution for the use of young persons in schools, clubs and families.  

Agriculture & Food Law Center is a vehicle dedicated to the advancement of sustainable agricultural practices in the thirty seven (37) federating units of Nigeria. Among others, this project bids to provide access to statutes, standards and regulations which are connected to agricultural practices and availability of food in Africa's most populous nation.  

Education & Healthcare Law Center focuses on the key and constitutionally mandated objectives of securing the education and physical wellbeing of persons in Nigeria. Aside from access to relevant laws, standards and conventions relating to those two sectors, this platform also aims to set a network of policy-savvy professionals with cross-sector expertise who can champion the delivery of sound education and healthcare services in Nigeria.

Children and Women Law Center, CWL, in partnership with the African Motherhood Initiative, CWL is Nigeria's first effort to provide access to federal, state and international statutes as well as curt judgments connected to women or children or to issues which affect them significantly. It also provides access to credible organization working in the children and women social segment. The Center also provides policy making support to governmental entities (legislative, executive or international) and advocacy or litigation support services for lawyers and victims of child/women abuse.

Religion and Customs Law Center is an effort designed to promote peace and justice in Nigeria through research and legal policy development initiative towards proactive straddling and resolution of conflicts and crisis connected with the religions and people of Nigeria. It also has the mandate to help in the articulation of legal Codes and Mandates for the activities of platforms and personalities connected with religious expressions or customs. Most importantly, the center also aims at documenting conflicts and crisis in Nigeria tied to religion and customs while training abd deploying legal advocates for the defense of religious liberty in Nigeria. 

Ethics Law Center provides access to statutes and judgments dealing with legal and other professional ethics issues. It's aim is to advance professionalism in Nigeria by empowering victims of professional negligence to seek redress while providing clarity to professionals as to what constitutes their ethical and professional obligations to those they serve as lawyers, doctors, nurses, engineers, etc.




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