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The Court started off as the Federal Revenue Court established under the Federal Revenue Act, (1973 No. 13). It was renamed the “Federal High Court” by Section 228 (1) and 230 (2) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1979 with an. Its jurisdiction extends to both civil and criminal matters subject to the Constitutional delimitation of its competency over matters within the powers of the Federal Government.


Divisions of the court are:

  • Federal High Court ABUJA (Head Quarters)
  • Federal High Court ABAKALIKI
  • Federal High Court ABEOKUTA
  • Federal High Court AKURE
  • Federal High Court BENIN
  • Federal High Court CALABAR
  • Federal High Court ENUGU
  • Federal High Court IBADAN
  • Federal High Court ILORIN
  • Federal High Court JOS
  • Federal High Court KADUNA
  • Federal High Court KANO
  • Federal High Court KATSINA
  • Federal High Court LAFIA
  • Federal High Court MAIDUGURI
  • Federal High Court MINNA
  • Federal High Court OSHOGBO
  • Federal High Court OWERRI
  • Federal High Court PORT-HARCOURT
  • Federal High Court SOKOTO
  • Federal High Court TARABA
  • Federal High Court UYO
  • Federal High Court YOLA


Under Section of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, the Federal High Court’s totality of the jurisdiction of the Federal High Court is made ascertainable with reference to what is specifically prescribed in the Constitution, and subject thereto, such other jurisdiction as may be conferred upon it by an Act of the National Assembly.

Pursuant to those enactments, the Court excises jurisdiction to the exclusion of any other Court in civil causes and matters -

(a)     Relating to the revenue of the Government of the Federation in which the said Government or any organ thereof or a person suing or being sued on behalf of the said Government is a part;

(b)     Connected with or pertaining to the taxation of companies and other bodies established or carrying on business in Nigeria and all other persons subject to Federal Taxation.

(c)     Connected with or pertaining to customs and excise duties and export duties, including any claim by organist the Nigeria Customs Services or any member or officer thereof, arising from the performance of any duty imposed under any regulation relating to customs and excise duties and export duties.

(d)     Connected with or pertaining to banking, banks other financial institutions including any action between one bank and another, any action by or against the Central Bank of Nigeria arising from banking, foreign exchange, coinage, legal tender, bills of exchange, letters of credit, promissory notes and other fiscal measures; Provided that this paragraph shall not apply to any dispute between an individual customer and his bank in respect of transactions between the individual customer and the bank;

(e)     Arising from the operation of the Companies and Allied Matters Act or any other enactment replacing that Act or regulating the operation of companies incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matters Act.

(g)     Any admiralty jurisdiction, including shipping and navigation the River Niger Benue and their affluents and on such other inland waterway as may be designated by any enactment to be an international waterway, all Federal Ports, (including constitution and powers of ports authorities for Federal Ports) and carriage by sea;

(h)     Diplomatic, consular and trade representation;

(i)      Citizenship, naturalization and aliens, deportation of persons who are not citizens of Nigeria, extradition, immigration into and emigration from Nigeria, passports and visas;

(j)      Bankruptcy and insolvency

(k)     Aviation and safety of aircraft;

(l)      Arms, ammunition and explosives;

(m)    Drugs and poisons;

(n)     Mines and minerals (including Oil fields, Oil mining, geological surveys and natural gas);

(o)     Weights and measures;

(p)     The administration or the management and control of the Federal Government or any of its agencies;

(q)     Subject to the provisions of this Constitution, the operation and interpretation of this Constitution in so far as it affects the Federal Government or any of its agencies;

(r)      Any action or proceeding for a declaration or injunction affecting the validity of any executive or administrative action or decision by the Federal Government or any of its agencies; and

(s)     Such other jurisdiction civil criminal and whether to the exclusion of any other court or not as may be conferred upon it by an Act of the National Assembly. Provided that noting in the provisions of paragraphs (p), (q) and (r) of this subsection shall prevent a person from seeking redress against the Federal Government or any of its agencies in an action for damages, injunction or specific performance where the action is based on any enactment, law or equity.

(t)      Treasonable felony and allied offences.



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