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Justice Sector Players of Nigerian Descent Abroad

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Lists are being collected and developed to provide a serviceable network of Nigerians involved in justice administration outside of the country.

First lists would be published on 25th December, 2011 as a gift to our nation. They would be on a continent by continent, country by country and segment by segment basis.

Please, click on the List Your Firm/Profile link if:

1.    You are a judge of Nigerian descent working abroad; 

2.    You run or work for a law firm owned partly or fully by a Nigerian(s);

3.    You are Nigerian lawyer working outside of the country as an advocate, solicitor, corporate lawyer, diplomat, public officer, etc; 

4.    You are law teacher or law student outside of Nigeria;

5.    You are a Nigerian involved in alternative dispute resolution activities like mediation, arbitration, negotiation, etc., 

6.    You are a Nigerian working as an officer of the Court of any nation outside of Nigeria including as a Police Officer, Process Servers, Recorders, Court Reporters, Translators/Interpreters, Forensic Experts, Expert Witnesses, Coroners, etc.;

7.     A publisher of justice sector, legal or para-legal contents; 

8.    If u are a member or officer of any association of Nigerian professionals involved in any segment of justice administration outside of Nigeria.

Remember, this is about mobilizing resources for the most sorely challenged aspect of Nigeria’s national life: justice administration.    

Justice is
              the gene of the Nigerian character   

Justice is in
Nigeria's DNA



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