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  • Sam Eleanya - Executive Director/Editor
  • Ugochi Vine E. - Director, Operations
  • Omolola F. Agboola - Director, Program & Admin
  • Vinsaint Kalu E. - Creative Director
  • Uzono Ufi - Associate Editor
  • Bright Obi - Associate Editor
  • Frank Onuoha E. - Associate Editor


TREE&Trees is a multi-platform justice sector specific social enterprise made up of a pool of dedicated professionals whose training and direct experience span  legal practice, legislative action and draughtmanship, development sector work, professional ethics, justice sector advocacy, public service, media communications and consultancy, publishing, information and computer technology, strategic research and intelligence gathering, and life-coaching.

  • 100 Percent of the annual  net income of TREE&Trees is dedicated to the development of free-access justice sector resources that contribute, meaningfully, to the advancement of legal and socio-economic justice for Nigeria's peoples.

TREE&Trees Platforms include

JusticeMedia Institute (Gte/Ltd) is dedicated think-tank and advocacy platform devoted to: the development of basic and derivative media platforms and products that advance legal and socio-economic justice in Nigeria. It also provides ethics advisory and intelligence cover for development and corporate organizations. The Institute has published the Constitution of Nigeria Translated series - for Children and Young People- as well as other well-researched publications based on legal and socio-economic standards of the Nigerian federation or any of its 36 States. It also facilitates national and local platforms to engage various issues that affect legal and socio-economic justice in Nigeria - including Constitution Clinics for young people and persons without legal background, Constitution Quiz and Folkslaw National Essay Competition and so on.  Its members also act as facilitators in various development, business  and development sector forums and projects like conferences, seminars, workshops, research and publishing projects.

LawNigeria.com: an independent, free-access online clearing house for the development, archiving and publication of justice sector intelligence and other critical resources needed to grow Nigeria's justice administration complex on a state by state basis. It covers legislature made laws, profiles and intelligence on all the arms of government, segments of Nigeria's law enforcement complex and law education. It is also the primary online hub for all the initiatives under the TREE&Trees Group;

Standards & Enterprise Development Center: is Nigeria's first independent center dedicated to the publication and review of industrial, ergonomic, financial, nonprofit/development/mercy-sector and other related standards in Nigeria. The Center works with stakeholders with development and nonprofit professionals and relevant statutory bodies to assist in development, publication, creation of meaningful access, ensure that each organization, local or abroad, receives the unique support it needs to ease into the Nigerian market or expand its market share through new or more qualitative offerings. The Center is also set to publish the first online index of the Standards of the Standards Organization of Nigeria.

Project We, The Young People is a Constitution literacy and advocacy project devoted to giving ownership of the Nigerian Constitution - its principles, objectives and future development - to the Nigerian starting from the young people. It encompasses the annual Constitution Challenge (a national competition on the Nigerian Constitution for pupils/students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions); the annual Constitution Week and the annual Constitution and Young People Summit.

Focus on the 37 Attorneys General: This platform is dedicated to the profiling and monitoring of the institution and key officers entrusted with law enforcement at the State level. It provides an up-to-date list of all Attorneys General in Nigeria, develops their profile and monitors their work using various media and advocacy platforms.

Publishing & Printing Unit: This unit is concerned with the research, development and publication of printed contents including books, journals, brochures, reports, cards, gifts, etc. It also provides consultancy and advisory services to individuals, corporate and public institutions in the development and packaging of printed communications;

Business Support Unit: provides practice and market intelligence as well as general support for the establishment and management of businesses - especially micro-small-medium enterprises including business plans, project design & management, loan proposal, investment prospectus and so on.